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Healthy sitting in and outside of a wheelchair.


On the Czech market, there are wheelchair seats available in various materials and combinations. However, in my daily practice, I lack a seat that could be shaped individually for each user and provide the required correction of the pelvis and thus the proper spine position, especially for users with muscular lateral imbalances. I can customize the Libella Seat Varia to the user's exact needs and then reconfigure it at any time.

Zdenka Faltýnková

Zdenka Faltýnková

physiotherapist, ergotherapist

wheelchair healthy sitting expert

The Libella Seat Varia corrects my sitting posture, I sit up better, I have reduced back pain and I can stay in the wheelchair longer. I am certain that it is effective.

Tomáš Potůček

Tomáš Potůček


on a wheelchair since 2000

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I appreciate the luxurious, airy and well-crafted seat cover and the solid base, preventing the seat cushion from bending. The Libella Seat Varia provided me with a stable and solid sitting posture, and it helped me to cure my early stage pressure ulcer while in full service.

Daniel Bína

Daniel Bína


on the wheelchair since 1989

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We combine design and functionality in compensation aids . We focus on the life quality of wheelchair users and support their balance of mental and physical health through innovative solutions.

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